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Client's Problem

Ginny's website suffered from outdated plugins, clunky code, and poor speed optimization. She was losing online business and credibility because her website wouldn't load 50% of the time, and when it did, it would take well over a minute. Additionally, many of her site's pages were blocks of text and lacked user engagement.

The Solution

After a myriad technical optimizations, Ginny's once slow website (took 60+ seconds to load), now loads on average under 1 second. That’s a 99% website speed increase! Additionally, many of her site's pages were redesigned to feature clear call-to-action buttons, increasing her online buisness leads.

Website Design

Client Testimonial

Vlatko is a total web professional. He is totally responsive when you reach out with a challenge and he does swift, clean and beautiful work. He comes up with solutions for sticky problems. At the risk of diminishing his available time to help our small business make a big splash in terms of visibility, I heartily recommend him.

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