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Vlatko Mojsoski

Vlatko Mojsoski

Freelance Web Developer

I am a New York City born and raised freelance web developer and graphic designer. Although I enjoy all forms of design, I have a strong interest in interactive design with a focus in web design, development, and user experience design. I believe simple design is great design; I am constantly honing my abilities with that mantra in mind. My latest achievement has been graduating and acquiring my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Design & Multimedia, with Magna Cum Laude honors. However, my journey has not ended there; I am constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques to better the work for my clients and myself.

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance."


My Portfolio

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Unified branding for my own graphic identity, showcasing the use of my personal logo and color scheme on various stationery and my current portfolio website.

Vlatko Mojsoski's Branding Vlatko Mojsoski's Portfolio Website View Portfolio
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An identity rebranding and website redesign for Ajisen Ramen focused on brand consistency and online user experience design. The brand’s current identity and online presence is poorly designed, outdated, and not unified. A new logo and a responsive website was designed and developed to meet the expectations of a modern audience.

Ajisen Ramen Logo Ajisen Ramen Logo Sketches Ajisen Ramen Gallery Exhibit Ajisen Ramen Website Sketches Ajisen Ramen Website Ajisen Ramen Website View Portfolio
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This was a major website optimization project responsible for increasing the efficiency of the Ginny Pulos Communications' online business. Optimization included boosting the website's speed by 80%, redesigning problematic content pages, and creating a custom MailChimp email marketing campaign consistent with the client's branding.

Ginny Pulos Communications Website Ginny Pulos Communications Website Ginny Pulos Communications Website View Portfolio
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An indentity branding and website design project for Watch the Walking Dead, an online news website dedicated to reporting the latest information on AMC's The Walking Dead. The website is owned and managed by my brother and me. Together, we maintain the website by combining our diverse media-related skillsets.

Watch The Walking Dead Website Watch The Walking Dead Business Cards Watch The Walking Dead Business Cards View Portfolio
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An art portfolio website redesign for Darwin Erazo, an Ecuadorian artist passionate about communicating ideals of peace and freedom through his art. The resdeisng website replaced Darwin's old Flash-based portfolio with a new responsive website, allowing him to share his work with an untapped audience of mobile art enthusiasts.

Darwin Erazo's Portfolio Website Darwin Erazo's Portfolio Website Darwin Erazo's Portfolio Website View Portfolio
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A night owl by a night owl.

Night Owl Illustration Night Owl Illustration Night Owl Illustration View Portfolio

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."


How may I help you?

  • Website Optimization

    Small Business Website Design

  • Web Design

    Web Design & Development

    With an ever expanding online viewer-base, having a website is becoming more of a requirement than a luxury. I will work with you to design and develop a professional website specifically for your needs, whether you're looking to expand your business online or wish to share your artwork with the world.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    As technology grows, having a static website isn't enough anymore; your website must be able to easily adapt itself for mobile devices. In order achieve this and unlock the true potential of your online business or portfolio, I will design your website using responsive design.

  • Website Optimization

    Website Optimization

    You may already have a website, but if it's taking ages to load, you're not only losing any potential online business, but you're also losing money on website hosting! I will not only scan and correct potential technical issues that cause website lagginess, but also optimize your content for easier readability and interactivity.

"It isn't sufficient to simply eliminate user error - designing user delight is the goal."



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